Cleaning Service
Optimizing Your Time and Money!

We know how valuable your time and money are. We offer
an affordable cleaning service for Houses, Town homes and
Apartments in Houston, Galveston and the surrounding
areas. Our basic services include the itemized tasks on the
listed checklist. However, we do cater to our customer's
requests. Our services are available for any type of cleaning
needed, whether you're moving in or out or getting ready for
a special event. We will come in and get you ready so you
can optimize your time and concentrate on higher priorities,
or just simply relax.

We do have regular clients and can provide references if
requested. We hope to convey an understanding of our
desire to preserve the privacy of
all our clients, as we
would yours, when giving out reference information. We
feel more comfortable informing our clients ahead of time
that we wish to use them as references. Therefore, we
prefer to talk to our potential customers, first. We also try to
keep the cost of cleaning down for our clients, so we base
our rates according what our clients request.


Additionally, we also offer laundry pick up and delivery service. We
use our own supplies. We know how time flies, so we are available
when you need us.

Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning

In cases where extra time is needed to tend to detailed deep
cleaning such as,  heavy oven build-up, inside and out Refrigerator
cleaning, large stubborn carpet stains and such, an additional fee
must be added to the Basic Cleaning fee. However this fee will be
determined prior to any work being done.  

Trash or Unwanted Item

We realize that as time goes by, possessions tend to accumulate
and become cumbersome. We also provide unwanted item
removal for such items as large articles, old TV's, dressers,
refrigerators, furniture and other household items, that are taking
up space or are no longer wanted or need to be discarded.

Give us a call at 409-789-6382 for more details. We will
work with you to accommodate your time.
Our basic cleaning
entails the following

• Vacuum All Rooms
• Dust/Wipe all surfaces
• Clean floors
• Take out trash
• Sanitize trash can
• Change Bed Sheets
• Clean and scrub
bathroom fixtures
• Clean and Sanitize Toilets
• Deodorize Bathroom
• Mop Floors
• Clean all furniture
• Clean all Dishes
• Clean Refrigerator
(inside upon request)
• Clean Cooking Range
• Clean microwave and
other appliances
• Clean Counters
• Clean Sink
• Deodorize
Contact Us

We encourage our customers to write to us and
give us feedback on our quality of service and/or
products. Use the form below to e-mail us with
your thoughts and opinions, or give us a call .

The SMYELR Company
1201 9th Street N
Texas City, TX 77590
Erika 409-789-6382
Serving the Houston/Galveston Areas

The SMYELR Company
thrives in having satisfied
customers and stands
behind it's products and
workmanship. Any
product or service
purchased through The
SMYELR Company is
guaranteed to be
satisfactory. If you find
there is something wrong
with a purchased product,
we will gladly resolve the
problem at no expense to
the customer.
Furthermore, we
encourage your calls and
comments, should there
be any reservations you
may have about your
purchase once you get
home. We value your
patronage and strive to
keep you a satisfied
lifetime customer.

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Short or Long term Vacation
Townhomes and Condos
We also clean vacation Condos, Townhomes and Apartments set
up for short term leasing or rental. Although not limited to the
Galveston area, we currently handle accounts in Galveston for
Investors from Houston, and provide typical checkout and
roomservice cleaning for their clients as needed, similar to hotel
services. Included in these services are the washing of dishes, bed
linens and towels. Sometimes last minute details become
inconvenient, yet need to be handled. For example, replacement of
toiletries, or lost key service. In these cases our services facilitate
the management of the investment location, by saving time and
money lost in making the long, sometimes unexpected, trip to
Galveston to monitor the property. We also make payment
convenient by setting up monthly payments by Check or on-line
banking. We can handle your investment property anywhere within
the Houston/Galveston areas.  
Basic Cleaning

Our affordable rates start at $55 for a one bedroom apartment to
$75 for a 3 bedroom house on a single service basis. We also
have a reasonable rate for washing and folding clothes and linens
while we clean your home. Due to time consumption, this rate
varies depending upon availability of washing and drying

Last minute requests are welcome.
Nighttime service is also available.